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  • Touch for Health Class Manual Digital Non Print Version

    New version July 2019. A full colour DIGITAL reference of the Touch for Health class manual endorsed by the International Kinesiology College. This version is not suitable to be used in Touch for Health classes taught by Registered Touch for Health Instructors in Australia but may be allowed in other countries.

    Sample - TFH Manual Sample - TFH Manual (3865 KB)

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    Description Device Only Policy

    Latest Version 4.1 July  2019.  DIGITAL NON PRINT VERSION (see disclaimer) 

    This is the digital version of the IKC endorsed English language Touch for Health manual. It is useful as an easily accessible guide for out of classroom environments. It covers the complete Touch for Health Synthesis syllabus with full colour photos of muscles and their balancing reflexes. Many of the techniques can be used at home for self help benefits. 
    For the hard copy manual for use in Touch for Health classes taught by registered TFH instructors worldwide contact Equilibrium

    This resource is available for personal interest only.  It may only be used on digital devices, and cannot be printed.  It is not suitable for use in enrolled classes in Australia.  However, it may be allowed in classes in other countries.  Hard copy manuals are either supplied by the class instructor or you will be directed to an approved distributor.

    To purchase a printed version please contact the Australian distributor, Equilibrium For more information about using electronic versions on devices in class, contact the faculty for your country.  See