Lilleykins Training Resources Publishing


I loved the relaxed environment of the class and found it easy to learn. The people were great and Toni’s teaching was wonderful.
Toni’s teaching is clear and concise. Questions were answered in such a way that I felt I was being well looked after.
Touch for Health is an amazing way to take care of one’s self. It was easy to learn and I enjoyed working with other people in the class.
The pace of the class was perfect for me. I was able to relax and keep up with the information in the manual. Questions were answered clearly.
I love learning kinesiology. I want more!
I like the fact that I can learn kinesiology in classes that I choose, not those I have to do in a more formal setting such as an RTO.
Heart Healing was so interesting and fun to learn. I loved the colour and sound balancing.
Now I have finished my class, I want to work with more and more people.