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About Toni Lilley

Toni Lilley FMAKA Dip. Clin.Nut., Dip.Kin. Cert IV TAE
From an administration background, Toni had a career change into the natural healing field in 1983.  Dedicated study of kinesiology and other natural healing methods led to her appointment to the Faculty of the Touch for Health Foundation of the US in 1987 and to the International Kinesiology College of Zürich in 1990.  In 1994 she was appointed to the position of Dean of the College’s Touch for Health School, now situated in Australia.  She has been an office bearer of the International Kinesiology College Pty Ltd since its inception and in 2019, resigned as its president.

Toni has taught kinesiology in thirteen countries and has presented papers nationally and internationally.  She has revised and updated the Touch for Health student manual for use in Australia and other English speaking countries, and there are several translations into other languages. Toni has written several short workshops for Registered Touch for Health Instructors at home and overseas to teach as introductions to kinesiology in their community.

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