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About Kinesiology

Kinesiology has been described as the art of muscle testing.  It was introduced to Australia in 1979 and has thrived ever since.  In over 100 countries, it has helped millions of people to gain and maintain their health and wellbeing.  Kinesiology is easily learned and applied and may be used for self, family and friends, or as training towards practitioner registration.

The resources on this website allow learners to begin their kinesiology journey in order to gain professional registration with the Australian Kinesiology Association, and / or the International Kinesiology College.

Touch for Health Consultants

Australian Touch for Health Consultants have a minimum of 500 hours of training and are recognised by the International Kinesiology College and the Australian Kinesiology Association.  Training is based on Touch for Health and includes Anatomy and Physiology, Practice Management, Client Relationships and Communication.  Resources for training are available on this website.  For more information see


Anatomy and Physiology

This unit of study is completed by distance education with the support of a supervisor / assessor.  Resources for study include a text book, study guide and recorded tutorials.  On completion of the study guide (open book) the work is submitted to the supervisor who marks and guides the participant towards the final closed book assessment.  This is completed with the assessor in person, or via an electronic medium such as Skype. A certificate of competency is awarded to the successful candidate.  

This unit is endorsed for 100 hours by the Australian Kinesiology Association, and the International Kinesiology College.  The former recognises credits towards practitioner registration and the latter towards registration as a Touch for Health Consultant. 

Assessors are available in South Australia (Wendy Bennett), Victoria (Tracey Tinker), WA (Ilona Diessner, Patti Leahy), NSW (Kali Spooner), and Queensland (Anna McRobert, Annie Mitchell and Shauna Shaw). As the unit can be delivered by distance, any of these assessors may be chosen. Except for the Memmlers text, resources for study are available only from this website under Products /  Other Books.